Which Lift Kit is best for your Toyota, Hilux and FJ Cruiser?

While travelling on long hauls, we come across a variety of vehicles be it light trucks, jeeps, utility vehicles and so on and most of these vehicles could be sitting atop clumsy looking towering suspension lift kits. That is when you may ask what should be the best option if a suspension lift kit is to be provided in a vehicle particularly if yours is a Nissan, Toyota Hilux or FJ Cruiser. For any veteran driver, it might be a simple task but for those just getting started, a few basics are given hereunder:


Why install a suspension lift kit?

Buying and installing a suspension lift kit on a vehicle is not that simple a decision. It is not just visiting a local mechanic and asking him to install a fancy looking kit procured from market. Ironically, more often most of us end up doing that only. However, taking a decision of what kind of suspension kit to install on any vehicle requires technical expertise to evaluate optimum vehicle performance and consistent upkeep.

First and foremost aspect to consider is that why at all a suspension kit is needed to be installed. Essentially there are two purposes for which these kits are provided i.e. style and functionality. Even though these two purposes are inter linked, a call has to be taken which one of these two is more critical.


Suspension lift kits are installed to add and enhance style statement of any vehicle, a hobby in vogue with vehicle owners for centuries. Isn’t this a good sight when we come across a family sedan with a wing resembling a Seattle space shuttle or a hybrid hatchback sitting on a 3” wheel? Adding suspension lift kits to your, Nissan, Toyota Hilux and FJ Cruiser makes more of an impression in style that makes heads turn to have a look at a vehicle fitted with lifted rig with massive tyres and a loud exhaust system.  

Imparting good looks by adding suspension lift kits to make a style statement is so easy. But choice of a right suspension lift kit with focus on comfort, reliability, durability, safety and price must get much more consideration in addition to good looks for an overall improved performance of the vehicle.


Before taking a call of plunging to invest in an appropriate suspension lift kit, many issues need to be addressed. First and foremost is to understand what all is expected from the vehicle– is it for slow speed rock crawling, a high speed desert racing or this suspension lift kit could be only for general purpose four wheeling, mud racing or long distance open country treks. After having probed at all options, it is time to narrow down what exactly is required for the vehicle in consideration for customizing it to suit specific requirements of the owner. 


No matter what you opt for, whether it is Nissan Lift Kits, Toyota Hilux Lift Kit or FJ Cruiser Lift Kit, one thing that’s absolutely clear is that there can be zero compromise on the quality of suspension lift kit. You may be an experienced professional or are just starting off; transforming any vehicle for an optimum off road performance could be quite an expensive hobby and a whole lot of linked issues to be addressed. It is not that easy to determine ideal suspension lift kit and adequate caution has to be taken before taking a final call. 

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