What To Consider Before Purchasing The Lift Kit For Your Vehicle

A lot of thought should go into it when you are out there shopping for the correct lift kit for your 4WD. After all it is about the performance of your vehicle and the overall driving experience that you can’t ignore. Whether it is a Hilux lift kit or a Ford Ranger lift kit, selecting the right one for your 4WD is important and it would depend upon a lot of things. Yes, before you decide upon making a purchase let’s have a quick look at the very basic 3 things you should consider when selecting the right lift kit for your 4WD.

Lift Effect

The very first thing that you need to do is identify the kind of lifting effect you want to achieve. Start by parking your vehicle on a level surface. Now measure the distance from the ground level to the top of the vehicle wheel arch both the front and rear. This gives you an idea as to the variation that you may have between the ride heights for your vehicle. You will notice that many 4WD are designed in such a way that they sit higher at the back than at their front. Performing this simple measurement will help you determine the difference between both ride heights.

Understanding The Difference Between Leveling And Lift

Know that the difference between the two is only slight. For example if you find out that the rear of your car is 2” higher than its in the front, and you are comfortable with that rear ride height, all you want is for the front end to be raised for your vehicle to sit level, or the same with the rear, then the ideal option for you should be a 2 inch front leveling kit. What amount of lift is needed and the style of leveling kit you want, and the kit parts required would typically vary based on the kind of vehicle you drive. Where as the Lift Kit will lift the front and rear of your 4WD at the same time.

Consider Shocks

Shocks are another important component that you need to consider while selecting the perfect lift kit for your vehicle. Factory made shock absorbers are designed and created to absorb a specific range of shocks from a predefined range of motion. By raising your ride height (either front or back) you may end up damaging them as they would get overextended and rub out of travel. Also look for the life of the original shocks that came with the vehicle. If they have over 50,000 Kms on them, the best option would be to install a new set with the lift or leveling kit of your choice. This is because the original shocks by this time are most likely worn out or are near their life’s end. There are plenty of shock suppliers that offer newer and more advanced models that are ideal for a longer travel and would fit and work well with lift kit of your choice. This is our list of things that would help you determine your choice of lift kits for your car. Have you made your list yet?

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