Tips to Install a Leveling Kit

Installing a lift kit helps the vehicle to drive smoothly in rough terrains, provide it better ground clearance, and enhance stability & control. Though the steps of installing a lift kit vary from vehicle to vehicle, but there are few common rules that everyone can follow. 

Here you go:

  • Raise the vehicle on a hoist safely elevated up off the ground and make sure its secured.
  • Remove the front wheels by using a lug wrench. Keep the nuts at a safe place so that you can use them whenever needed. 
  • Unhook the sway bar link from each side of the vehicle. 
  • Separate the upper nuts to disconnect the shock absorber array from upper shock tower. The upper nuts are usually three to four in counting. 
  • Remove the strut assembly.
  • Note the alignment of the top plate. It is important to mark it, else you will need to reassemble the strut tower. 
  • Compress the springs using a spring compressor.
  • Now, take off the rubber isolator, top nut and top plate from each shock.
  • Re-assemble the new sturt tower using OEM plate with new shocks and springs.
  • Re-assemble the rubber isolator and top plate and tighten the top nut. 
  • Connect the new assembly to the vehicle by keeping in mind the alignment you have marked on the configuration of the strut top plate. 
  • Separate the skid plates from the car. Make sure to take care of the bolts. 
  • Place the small spacers between the cross section and differential supports. 
  • Make sure to torque the bolts as per OEM specs.
  • Reinstall the skid plates. 
  • Check to confirm if you have left any screws and bolts there. 
  • Get a wheel alignment done. 

If you are looking to shop any type of 4WD Suspension lift kits or want to any guidance regarding them you can call us at 1300543854 or drop us a message here.

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