Test your Foton Tunland to its limits with Big Lift kits

Owing to the flexibility and reliability they offer, 4WDs happen to be one of the most modified vehicles. There are more than dozen kinds of modification accessories that you can add to your 4WD, however, the suspension lift kit remains the most popular one!

What is a Suspension lift kit?

Suspension lift kit is a modification accessory added to a 4WD so as to raise its overall height and obtain a few extra inches of ground clearance. This increases the vehicles off-road performance, as avoiding obstacles becomes easier. It also gives the advantage of adding larger wheels and tyres to boost its aesthetic characteristics.

Advantages of Suspension lift kit:-

Increased clearance: The suspension and shock upgrade lifts the vehicles undercarriage up, while providing an increased ground clearance. This keeps you safe while driving off-road or over rough roads.

Smoother ride: As the suspension lift kit provides the space required to even out the load, it offers superior comfort even on rough terrains. 

Better visibility: A raised 4WD provides you better visibility around the vehicle, so you can easily drive through congested urban zones and even notice potential dangers sooner on the rough roads.

Bigger tyres: The suspension lift kit raises your 4WD enabling you to install bigger tyres, that not only look more impressive, but also gives you a better traction.

Now since you know how suspension lift kit provides a better overall performance for a 4WD, you might consider one for you FotonTunland. So let’s see what PerfectLift brings to you.

When it comes to mention one of the best value for money utes in the market, FotonTunland puts its competitors in the shade!

It has been among the highly rated utes by 4WD  enthusiasts in Australia, ever since its launch. It is acknowledged for its strength, performance and most importantly, the reliability!

If you own a Foton Tunland, and want to upgrade it to a more comfortable and high performing vehicle, then there’s an incredible offer, that you cannot really resist owning!

Yes, we mean to suggest our superior quality PLK series lift kits, that are surely going to amaze you! If you are planning to have some additional ground clearance or need to carry some extra weight in the rear or if you're gearing up for a 4X4 adventure on the off-beaten track, then investing in suspension upgrading is going to be an ideal decision.

Our big lift kits are designed and precisely engineered in Australia and are competent in completely transforming the way your Foton Tunland would drive and perform! Enabling you to comfortably tackle the off-road and onroad with immense ease and style, the PerfectLift Suspension Lift Kits have also been driven across Australia, in the harshest conditions and have emerged as the winner each time!

The PLK series consists of an amazing range of high performing lift kits along with Pro Shock, the premium quality low pressure nitrogen shock absorbers, to perfectly upgrade the performance of your 4WD.Along with the terrific performance, the lift kits also provide an instant raise to your Foton Tunland, enabling you to install larger tyres and flaunt an impressive stance that captures every eye on road!

So, If you have decided to elevate your 4WD in the most stylish way, then we are just a click away!
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