Smooth ride over rough terrians with suspension lift kit

A  suspension lift kit or 4WD lift kit is a system that allows for a smooth ride over rough terrians by enhancing a vehicles manufacturer characteristics such as ground clearance, while ensuring the tyres remain in contact with the ground and that body roll is minimized. It allows the car / jeep/ suv to travel smoothly over bumps in the road by absorbing and dissipating kinetic energy from the point of contact keeping the vehicle in safe operation.

In simple words PERFECT LIFT 4WD lift kits or suspension lift kits are designed to increase a vehicle’s ground clearance and are the type of lift kits most often used with trucks and 4x4s. A suspension lift kit works by raising the suspension of a car through the addition of spacers and block kits or replacement of the front and rear shocks and leaf springs. In general, a suspension lift kit will elevate a vehicle between 3 – 4 inches above its stock stature, though extreme lift kits can reach elevations up to 18 inches. These taller kits can severely impact the car’s handling, however, making them dangerous to drive.
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