Lift kit or leveling kit: Which one is better?

Lifting your vehicle is like a passage ritual done to give it style and power. While a Ferrari is supposed to be low, a 4WD must be high for it to be in their optimal form and function. This is what goes inherently with their built-in mechanisms. Though there are many ways to lift your truck that include suspension lift kits, leveling kits, air suspension and load levelers, you must choose the one that suits your goals in the best way. However, out of all the ones mentioned above, suspension leveling and lift kits are the best and most followed ways of lifting your trucks.

Lift Kits

A lift kit can lift your 4WD both from the front and the rear for a slight 1" or a greater height so that you can easily duck in through the skyways.

Lift kits are of two types: Body lift kits and the suspension lift kits.

In a body lift kit, there is usage of block for lifting the body higher by using the blocks between the frame and body of the vehicle taking into account the suspension geometry. With the help of body-lift kit, the ground clearance remains unaltered while the additional height obtained helps to run larger tyres and wheels. The geometry of steering continues to remain the same, so the rig retains most of its original driving and handling traits. However, the stability of the vehicle can suffer a negative effect to the increased height.

The suspension lift kits are really worthwhile for the higher cost of installation that they require initially. Suspension lift kits may involve replacing everything including shocks and struts, leaf springs, control arms, trailing arms and even the driveshafts and the steering components. These components can be replaced and upgraded while allowing more suspension articulation. There is greater ground clearance that allows running on wider and bigger tyres. This makes the vehicle to acquire greater all round higher efficiency. Nonetheless, due to higher suspension geometry and altered steering, the stability and the driving dynamics are affected to a greater extent. The stability suffers mostly due to a raised center of gravity.

Leveling kits

When just out from the factory, the 4WD comes in with a specific degree rake that is built into their suspension. This means that their rear end is higher than the front end. The reason for this underlies in the fact that the 4WDs are supposed to carry heavy loads in the rear. There may be extra weight in the rear that may be placed in the rear of the 4WD. This may cause the rear springs to get compressed and the back end of the vehicle to be lowered by a few inches in order to accommodate the extra weight. Since, the rear was already higher initially; the sag that occurs in the rear would not be as significant. In case, the rear compression was not done, it would bottom out the suspension and cause the shocks and bushings to wear out prematurely. Driving with a suspension, which is fully compressed, also makes the ride uncomfortable and dangerous, as there occurs a significant compromise on the vehicle handling.

A leveling kit raises the truck by 1 or 2 inches in the front. This eliminates the factory rake of the 4WD and brings a level to the front and the rear ends. This helps to improve the looks and it can also add ground clearance to the front of the 4WD and helps run larger tyres. The leveling kits raise the front end of your 4WD, thereby increasing the payload capacity of the truck without lowering the rear.

Leveling kits have a very simple design and utilize coil spacers, strut extensions and torsion keys. Most of these can be installed with ease. In case you want your vehicle to turn to a full-fledged off-road warrior that has an aggressive look, a leveling kit is the right one to choose.

How to choose the right one for your vehicle?

You would need a leveling kit in case you just want to use your truck as a tow rig. But in case you are adventure-spirited and don't mind going hunting for boonies in deep water mud, or rough terrains, then a lift kit is the one for you.

Bringing forth the fast facts to help you choose Leveling Kit

  • Increase in Height: 1-2 inches.
  • Tire size: 33- 35 inches
  • This serves to be helpful for daily rides, sled pulling, off-road driving, towing.

Lift Kit

  • Increase in Height: 2-10 inches
  • Tire size: 35- 40 inches
  • This serves well to turn your vehicle into an off-road monster, useful for drives in mud, snow, ground clearance and enhancing style of the ride.

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