Do you want to add those killer looks to your wheels and enjoy the startled glances of the onlookers when you zip past them?

Then levelling or lifting your ride might just be the right options around!

It’s not only the special feeling that you will get while behind the wheels of your lifted vehicle, but also the enhanced off-road performance that it would give, will make you drool over it!!

But you may ask, what would be better, levelling or lifting?

Well, most of the people use these two words interchangeably, without caring to know the difference between them. But to get a thorough knowledge about both these terms before you choose one for your vehicle, is very important. Although each will add a lot of value and utility to your vehicle, customising your vehicle with either one of them will depend on the conditions your vehicle is exposed to!



Both levelling and lifting are done to add height to the vehicle, by raising its body away from the axles, resulting in better ground clearance and accommodating larger tyres. And of course, both render an improved and aggressive look to the vehicle!



A vehicle just out of the factory has a raised rear than the front. This is specifically done to accommodate the extra weight which the rear might have to bear. But in case you don’t find this appealing, you might want to lift the front to match up with the rear. So here comes the need of levelling!

A levelling kit used for this purpose allows you to raise the front of the vehicle by a few inches to bring it to the level of the rear. This also gives you an added advantage of ground clearance along with the improved looks. Levelling does not alter the ride quality of your vehicle, but contributes in improving the balance of the vehicle and in enhancing its looks!



As the name implies, lifting involves in raising the vehicle using modified lift-kits and suspension hardware, by 2 inches to as much as 12 inches or more, depending on the utility you want to put your vehicle to or the customisation that you would prefer personally. 

The lift-kit installation is quite a complex process involving in cutting, welding or changing several components of the suspension, drive-train and the steering.

You have two options to choose from when getting your vehicle lifted. You can opt for a body life or a suspension lift.

In the former, the vehicle’s ground clearance, steering and suspension geometry remains practically the same as only the body gets lifted. The ride quality practically remains unaffected. While the latter involves in changing of the several suspension components like the shocks, struts, drive-shafts, etc. You get a really good ground clearance with the suspension lift option and is ideally suitable for off-road drives.



Levelling and lifting are both great investments for your vehicle, but choosing between the two depends on the factor as to how you are going to use your vehicle. If you are an avid explorer, who loves to take-up the outdoor challenges, like crawling over high terrains and cruising over dirt mounds, to be more precise, if you are a serious mudslinger, going off-road at every chance you get, then lifting is the best option for you!

But if you are not exposing your vehicle for any intense off-road situations, then levelling is all that you might require!


So now, which kit should you opt for?

Depending on your specific needs and the use you intend to put your vehicle to, boils down to the selection of either of the kits.

Go for the lift kit if you are an off-roader and opt for a levelling kit if you are not!

That simple!!

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