There is more to a Jeep than just the aggressive looks, when it comes to reason out what makes it such a popular and one of the most loved 4WDs among the off-roading enthusiasts! The most thrilling off road experience that it brings along makes Jeep a highly sought after 4WD. But to look good and deliver the best of performance, your Jeep has to go with some additional inches in the form of suspension enhancement or the suspension lift kits.

Lift kits consist of several vital components that are specifically designed to either lift the body or the entire suspension of a vehicle. Body lifting means increasing the distance between the frame and the body while a suspension lifting is meant for increasing the distance between the axle and the frame.

Apart from the added visual aesthetics that come with lifting, it also renders greater articulation, better ground clearance and improved traction, all of which is known to improve the overall off road performance of the Jeep. A good lift kit allows your Jeep to traverse rougher terrains and tackle any off road challenge! And since we, at PerfectLift, understand where all your passion for off roading can take you to, we make it completely convenient for you to select the right kind of lift kit for your extreme adventures. We have lift kits for just every kind of your requirement, so you can customise your Jeep exactly the way you want to. You can perfectly rely upon our expertise and inventory to turn your Jeep into an absolute stunner!

So how would you choose the best lift kit for your Jeep?

That's Simple!The one that caters to the following!

Boost your jeeps clearance: Your off roading will demand enough clearance so you can easily cross ravines, traverse rivers, conquer cliffs and much more! To avoid underbody being scraped on extreme trails, your Jeep needs clearance. The suspension lifting not only provides your Jeep more stability and flexibility to go practically anywhere, but it also boosts its clearance potential. So, investing in a good suspension modification can help you dominate any type of trails.

Improves your Jeep's looks: If you are obsessed with turning your Jeep into an off road beast, then going for a lift kit to truly match up to your expectations, is a must. PerfectLift provides with top quality suspension upgrades for your Jeep that could make heads turn, whenever you go around the city!

Improves your Jeep's handling: You can’t ignore this aspect at all! Of course, a lift kit is meant to improve your Jeep’s handling too! The raised suspension gives way to better ground clearance and bigger tyres that efficiently improves the traction. This boosts the handling and performance of your Jeep over the rugged terrains. 

PerfectLift suspension lift kits cater to everything your 4WD would ever need to achieve that killer look along with the world-class performance. And what’s more, our lift kits are backed by lifetime guarantee to give you a completepeace of mind. If you find yourself unstoppable for off-roading adventures,  then we are just a click away!!

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