Hilux Lift Kit- All you need to know about It

One of the most popular four-wheel drive vehicles you can find on the road today is The Hilux.

When you still see 1985 Hilux's driving on the road, you know that they have been nicely made! Whatever model of Hilux you drive, there can be a deficiency of clearance (even with the older ones that have a good deal of it in their stock form).There are many ways to gain more clearance, which we will tell you in this blog.When looking at a lift kit, its worth putting time into researching what is going to suit you best – most people wind up spending much more on their lift because they don't research enough.

We've learned a lot since selling our first Hilux Lift Kit and would love to share that knowledge with you.

What's a Hilux Lift Kit?

A lift kit means both the body lift kit and the suspension lift kit. These two are two different kinds of lift kits and should be used to get different results.

We have explained the difference in our previous blog, which you can read here.

Kinds of Clearance

The clearance of your four-wheel drive comes down to several matters. Generally speaking, the bottom point on each four-wheel drive is the diff pumpkins. The only way to lift up this would be to fit larger tires.  Both the body lift and suspension lift will likely do a bit to boost the clearance of your diff, and this is something that plenty of folks don't realize.You can lift the diffs, chassis and body off the ground by fitting the larger tires to your vehicle.The second thing to understand is approach angle, ramp over angle and departure angle. The approach angle is the maximum angle at which you can drive without the front of your vehicle hitting the terrain.

You will have a better approach angle by placing your front tires further ahead, and the taller the body will be, the better angel you will have.This is the same for the departure angle (except it is reversed). The ramp over angle denotes the clearance under the middle of your automobile. If you look at your vehicle from the side, you can imagine a triangle from the front wheel's back to the front of the rear wheel and the center underneath.

As high as your vehicle sits, the better ramp over angle you will have, and because of this, you will cross over the higher objects without touching them.

Why fit a Hilux Lift Kit?

There are some main reasons to fit a Hilux lift kit to your vehicle. The first is to add more clearance. The second will be to fit larger tires, and the third would be to make the Hilux look far better. A fourth reason is to get a much better look out of the suspension.

We discovered very quickly with selling the lift kits that if you want to get a better off-roading experience from your Hilux, you should definitely fit the Hilux lift kit to your vehicle. 

Selecting the right Hilux Lift Kit

Think about the weight that you carry, the amount of flex that you need, the legalities involved in installing a lift kit, why you need the lift, where you want to drive your vehicle and how the car is treated. If you take the time to do proper research, you will save a lot of time, money and energy!

Take Note that lifting your Hilux is not the end of the story.There may be other modifications which need to be done with the lift (such as adjusting the headlights as they now sit higher).

If you need a Hilux Lift Kit, then talk to a professional at PerfectLift. If you have any doubts, we will do our best to answer them!

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