Ford Ranger Lift Kit- Benefits of Getting one for your Vehicle

PerfectLift manufactures the best quality lift kit for your Ford Ranger.

The Ford Rangers you often see going tough mudder off-roading cannot do that without installing a reliable lift.

You miss out on the enormous potential of buying a 4WD without buying a lift kit for your Ford Ranger.

PerfectLift manufactures the best quality Ford Ranger lift kit that suits all Ford Rangers. 

Our lift kits arrive in an entire package, including shock absorbers, coil springs, leaf springs, bush kits, strut caps, shackles, pins and much more!


Things to consider while selecting the right Ford Ranger Lift Kit


There a few things you should consider when picking the right lift kit for your Ford Ranger.

First is what exactly do you want from the Lift Kit, so do you really want it to provide you a more comfy ride, improved load-bearing possible or for tackling off-road problems.

These are the main factors folks consider before choosing the type of Ford Ranger Lift Kit installed to their vehicle.

Different kinds of Ford Ranger Lift Kit gives you different results.

An example of this is that someone who wants a lift kit to improve load-bearing potential would have considerably tougher and sturdier components than somebody who wants to get their lift kit for a smoother and more comfortable ride.

At PerfectLift, we also provide lift kits for different other vehicles like Foton, Holden, Isuzu, Jeep etc. 

Our 4WD specialists are experienced professionals working in the automotive sector for a very long time.

Here are some advantages of buying your Ford Ranger lift kit from PerfectLift:

1. You will be buying from Australia's premier manufacturers.

2. You will get to retain your factory ride while giving your dream looks to your   vehicle.

3. You will get answers to your question before buying a lift kit; just talk to us.

4. We provide on-time deliveries, so you don't have to wait to get your dream vehicle.

5. Order your Ford Ranger lift kit Now!


Why purchase a Ford Ranger Lift Kit?


Buying a lift kit is more than just about the appearance.

There are enormous benefits in installing a lift kit to your Ford Ranger.


Get Much More Clearance


More clearance equals a much far better off-roading experience. 

You will be lifting all of your critical parts under your car away from the ground.

This way, when you do go off-road, you are adding inches to your Ford Ranger, moving away from the frame from any unexpected debris, rocks and cross all flooded banks.


Fit Bigger Tyres and Wheels


With additional clearance and distance, now you can fit larger tires and wheels.

With larger wheels and aggressive tires on your Ford Ranger, you will also get a longer lifetime.

Additionally, for those who have bigger tires, it means additional traction so that you're never left in the dark in snowy, muddy or sandy terrain.


Get a Tougher Look


Add elevation, tires and beefier wheels, and you will have one badass Ford Ranger.


Major benefits of getting a Ford Ranger Lift Kit


Enriched Towing & Load Carrying: A Ford Ranger lift kit geared towards increasing your load-bearing potential can enable your Ford Ranger suspension to deal with considerably heavier loads and pressures. 

Provides added stability on the rear of your vehicle together with heavy-duty coil springs or leaf springs.


Off-Roading: If you are the one interested in going off-road, then a performance-oriented lift kit is necessary.

Giving you a feeling of relief that you'll never get trapped into a sticky situation when travelling off-road. 

Most performance-based lift kits have been designed to help deal with aggressive driving on uneven terrains.


Enhanced Aesthetic and looks: Most folks who buy Ford Ranger lift kits tend only to like the improved appearance and aesthetic that comes with getting a Ford Ranger lift kit.

Got the motivation required to upgrade your vehicle?

It's time to purchase a lift kit for your Ford Ranger; click here.

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