Even though the idea of suspension upgrading seems like an exciting indulgence, yet most people are not exactly sure what all is involved in it and what has to be done to get an ultimate upgradation! Hence, they end up with issues without exactly knowing what and where it went wrong! Vehicle customizations are primarily done for aesthetic reasons and performance improvements and include many parts which can be really tricky at times.

 Lift Kits are the most popular form of upgrade when it comes to 4WD vehicles, and if you too are a proud owner and an enthusiast of 4WD vehicles, then this article is just for you!

There are different types of aftermarket lift kits available, and before you go on to make a purchase, knowing their types and what they offer your vehicle, is actually going to help you make your decision correctly.

Let’s first consider the benefits they offer:

Higher ground clearance may be the first thing that comes to your mind when we mention lift kits but along with that, they also provide you with a stable and smoother ride. The raised vehicle is easier to climb over high steep grounds or over the boulders. 4WD suspension lift kits also help you easily crossover obstacle and muddy terrains to become a perfect ally to you while off-roading.

  • Suspension lift kits also give more stiffness and strength to your 4WD, which means less sag and more lift. With this you get an improved load bearing capacity and also better steering response.
  • A higher ground clearance means you are at the advantage of installing larger tyres. Bigger tyres combined with stiffer suspension and high ground clearance, give a better performance in conditions like snow, mud and deep rutted trails. 
  • Suspension lift kits also add an attention-grabbing look to your 4WD, so you don't need to add any other accessory to make it look tougher!

Types of Suspension Lift Kits:

  • Spring over axle: One of the most popular kinds of Suspension upgrading systems, Spring Over Axle Suspension Lift Kits are for serious rock crawlers who want an exceeding articulation.  This type of suspension is known to keep the tyres on the ground for maximum traction while the precisely lifted spring keeps you guarded.
  • Shackle Reverse suspension lift kits: Specifically designed to provide a smooth driving experience, shackle reverse suspension kit is meant for adventures through mild terrains. However, exceeding the speed limit is strictly not recommended with this lift kit.
  • Coil Suspension Lift Kit: Providing an unparalleled ride quality, Coil Suspension lift kits are one of the most popular choices among off-road enthusiasts! However, these types of systems use cheaper Springs and need welding while installation.
  • Lifted Spring Suspension Lift Kit: Convenient while installing and hence an ideal choice for first time off- roaders, Lifted Spring suspension lift kits perfectly make space for larger tyres and also offer an incredible control over rougher terrains.
However, to get the ultimate Suspension lift kits for your 4WD,  we recommend that you should always go with the expert's suggestion.
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