All you need to know about 4WD Lift Kits

Installing a 4WD lift kit has many advantages. It not only would make your 4WD look tougher but also tackles the tough terrain. It helps to overcome obstacles and enhances the performance of your 4WD. 

A Lift kit enables the user to run larger tyres and is beneficial for getting more ground clearance and enhances the on/off road capabilities of a vehicle.

In the above case, enunciation is a thing that never goes wrong when we tackle those deep ruts. The greater your 4WD, the greater are your flex, the more your flex, the greater would be your ruts, the deeper the ruts, more flexible becomes the terrain, the harder the terrain, the more is the amount lively your ride. But more the amount of fun, the more is the damage that is likely to occur. So how can you a achieve a continuous ride full of fun.    

Things that should be Taken Care of

The most primary factor is only the legal one. The QLD regulations specify that the rebound travel measured between the rubber rebound stop and the kind red metal stop which is actually the extension of shock absorber used in vehicles that don't have a rebound stop.

It is actually difficult to measure this and in most of the cases, the problem is non-existent in a 2" lift. In case you have a winch bar or are looking forward to get one, then consider having heavy duty springs in the front to take care of the extra weight. You can consult us before decide to buy a bar.

In many cases when only a 2" lift is needed, it is possible to get this done with the help of standard setting. But, in case someone is planning for a higher lift, few more things may be needed.

Extension of the brake lines

When you use the lift, it is important to make sure that the brake lines do not get damaged or stretched. It must be remembered that articulation should be allowed even when the vehicle is off road. So when these are reaching their maximal point of extension but you may still need to extend them. This is essential to maintaining safety.

Steering column

You may need to extend your steering column. It is not so difficult to do this. In many cases, there is great adjustment in the shafts that would allow for an extra lift. And in case, it does not happen, one can purchase a steering shaft extension which is quite easy to install.

Diff breathers

Diff breathers are parts that are sometimes forgotten. These seem to be trivial in comparison to brakes but need to be taken care of.

Castor bushes or plates

When your 4WD gets lifted, the axles start sliding forward due to the impact of suspension lift. This might cause an imbalance in the steering in case you are trying to drive in a straight line. Castor shafts are simple to install and they would be needed when you are trying to do a suspension lift.

Things generally work well for a suspension lift below 3"but when a lift more than 3" is done castor bushes and plates are included in the kit. There would be different amount of castor adjustment needed and this would depend upon the size of the lift that is installed.

In case you have any more queries and are considering buying a premium quality lift kit for your 4WD, then contact us by clicking here. Lift Kits for all major brands are available with us and what's more is that you get a lifetime warranty for the products you buy! So, don't wait and place your order.

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