3 Tips to Follow to Add Leveling Kits to Your Vehicle

There are several reasons behind purchasing a suspension lift kit for your vehicle. May be you just have bought a brand new SUV and realized that the front and rear end are not at the same level. Even though it may seem awkward to you, but this is something that is done intentionally. Many manufacturers design their vehicles like this only, so that when you have a heavy load to carry that takes the rear side down, it becomes equal with the front end.

Leveling kits are ideal for fixing all these problems. However, there are few questions that you should answer yourself before taking the final decision:

Is choosing leveling kit the perfect option?

The primary reason for choosing a set of leveling kit is the real look & feel. Many people are not happy with the way their 4wd look and therefore, they opt for leveling kits to lift up the front of their 4WD. Another major reason behind people going for leveling kits is, it allows user to fit larger tyres. Last but not the least, if you feel like the vehicle imbalance is affecting the riding handling and controlling capacity and causing wear & tear on tyres, then installing a leveling kit is an ideal option to go for.

What kind of leveling kit I should go for?

Well, there are wide ranges of leveling kits available, some of them are explained below:

  • Strut Extensions – This is one of the foremost leveling kits, which is easy to install or remove. All you need to do is to add a spacer on the top of the strut and that's it – it is easy to install; you'll not be asked to make any modification.
  • Coil Spacers – Just like strut extensions, this type of leveling kit also require a spacer to add on the on the top, but in this case, spacer is added on the factory spring buckets. This leveling kit may ask you to purchase shock extensions in conjunction, but it helps you to maintain the ride quality in the long run.
  • Torsion Keys – This is the most complicate and hard to install leveling kit because the torsion keys are replaced with factory pieces. It is also possible that you may need to make necessary arrangements in near future, to get the best of its performance.

Who should install the leveling kit?

Leveling kits are easy to install and several times, people do it themselves. However, there might be a possibility that you'll have to buy extra equipment to install it properly. And sometimes, it is bit risky to do it yourself – let' say if you have installed it incorrectly, then it could possibly affect the overall performance of your vehicle. So, if you are installing it for the first time, it is better to seek help from a professional.

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