3 Cost Effective Method to Raise your 4WD Vehicle

Lifting your 4WD vehicle with torsion keys, lift kits and leveling kits are great and effective ways of adding more height to your rig when want to change its look & feel and improve the ground clearance for rough terrains or running larger tyres. Each method has its own features and benefits, but to decide which suits your 4WD the best, you need to consider several factors such as vehicle use, make n model and mainly budget!

Leveling Kits

Leveling kits add height to your vehicle, with the help of coil spring spacers. These kits are called Leveling Kits as they level the front of the car with the rear. Leveling kits are designed to work with OEM springs without compressing or putting extra load. The leveling kits raise the front of your vehicle, so that it comes at the same level with the rear.Leveling kits work best when it is about adding larger tyres size or giving a more aggressive stance.

Lift Kits

Lift Kit is comparatively a new concept to lift your 4wd and is an awesome combination of leveling kits and block kits or extended shackles with necessary hardware. These are mainly used to provide additional height and better handling characteristics to your 4WD vehicle. It works same as full suspension lift kit while still enjoying the factory ride comfort. Depending upon the requirements of your vehicle, a lift kit can lift your vehicle up to 3 inches, without affecting the ride quality and retaining the proven OEM suspension. For 4WD enthusiasts who want to add larger tyres and wheels can be easily achieved by the same at much friendly price compared to conventional lift kits available in the market.

Block Kits

Block kits are the safest and least expensive method to add that extra rake to your 4wd to put up that sagging rear on your car. Doesn't matter if you are carrying that extra load at the back or towing a boat or caravan, a block kit with your existing leaf spring pack is all you need to get rid of the sagging problem, and enjoy a comfortable and safe ride.

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